mercredi 18 novembre 2009

Renault Zoe Z.E. will launch in 2012

Biotherm, the skin care company in L’Oréal’s Luxury Products division, has joined forces with Renault to develop an all-new 100% electric “spa” concept car, ZOE Z.E.

Aimed at people making daily local trips and looking for a car that brings them health and well-being, ZOE Z.E. concept, with its premium and fully personalizable cabin, is a preview of the Renault production vehicle set for launch in 2012.ZOE Z.E., ZERO EMISSIONS AND MAXIMUM PEACE OF MIND

ZOE Z.E., a 100% electric, zero-emission city car, is for men and women who want to take care of the environment while taking care of themselves – even behind the wheel.The roof has been designed as an intelligent protective membrane that insulates against heat and cold,
optimizes climate control, and recovers energy using honeycomb photovoltaic cells. The car features a
shield of polyurethane gel at the front and the back, acting as a second skin that protects vulnerable parts of the body in the event of mild urban impact.

ZOE Z.E. boasts the finest in air filtration and purification technology to fully protect the health of passengers and keep their skin young-looking.
Drivers can “fill up” in one of three ways:

* Standard charge: in 4 to 8 hours, using a recharge socket outside the car
* Fast charge: in 20 minutes, using the same socket at special charge stations
* The exclusive “Quickdrop” system, or rapid battery exchange: in 3 minutes at exchange stations


Biotherm research teams and Renault engineers and designers have combined their expertise in a
co-innovation partnership.

Since the brand was created in 1952, Biotherm research laboratories have developed in-depth knowledge on the cellular mechanisms of the skin, together with proven scientific know-how in the virtues of aromatherapy.

For more than 110 years, Renault has developed recognized expertise in the design and approval of
equipment for comfort and well-being.

Thus, ZOE Z.E. presents all-new benefits for its occupants:

1. Hydrated skin: The air conditioning system, generally optimized to respect temperature settings, has been entirely redesigned to keep passengers’ skin hydrated. Occupants benefit from intelligent climate control that keeps the air in the cabin from drying out.
2. Pollution protection system: Thanks to a toxicity sensor and cabin-mounted particulate filters that
close air vents if required, ZOE Z.E. passengers travel in a clean atmosphere.
3. Active essential oils function: An electric system diffuses essential oils, exclusive active substances adapted to the needs of the driver: dynamic in the morning, relaxing coming home from work, and awakening vigilance while driving at night. Developed by Biotherm, they transform the cabin into a “spa” cocoon and contribute to passenger vigilance.

The electric vehicle is the breakthrough solution for bringing zero-emission mobility to all. It has
already received worldwide political support, in the shape of tax breaks on CO2 emissions and the
development of infrastructures necessary for electric mobility. As early as 2011, Renault will
launch volume production of a range of electric vehicles accessible to all.

mardi 3 novembre 2009

DC Auto x Ken Block x Subaru

DC Shoes Co-founder Ken Block is by no means slowing down with his entry into the rally and gymkhana events and now taking things to a whole new level on various angles. There probably have never been this much cross over between motorsports and extreme sports as Block initiates and produces the world’s fastest cat track operation automobile also known as TRAX STI with a help from Subaru and Vermont SportsCar.

The beastly aesthetics is mated with an incredible competition-ready Subaru WRX STI heart that produces 400 horse power from a 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder intercooled turbo charged engine. Couple that with Goup N competition rally dampers made by EXE-TC and KAPS 5 speed close ratio dog leg gearbox for maximum control capabilities. View the teaser video for a louder than words display of mayhem on the snow.

dimanche 1 novembre 2009

The 2011 Lexus LFA

Lexus finally announced the official launch of the LFA, a two-seat supercar scheduled to go into production at the end of 2010 as the pinnacle of the Lexus “F” premium sports car series. Pre-sales start today. Ultra-responsive and extremely stable even when taken to the edge, the LFA creates a sense of reassurance that opens up a new world of driving emotion, exhilarating the senses to move the driver in more ways than one. The LFA combines high output, superb chassis design and meticulous aerodynamics to achieve instantaneous total-vehicle response characterized by high-rev, seamless acceleration echoed by a self-defining resonance from its 4.8-liter V10.

Only 500 units of the LFA are to be produced and sold worldwide.

A prototype of the LFA is now on display at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, which is open to the general public from October 24 to November 4 at Makuhari Messe in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture.

Hyundai Genesis coupé

The Genesis Coupe debuted last year and has been a huge success, particularly in North America where it has been voted Car of the Year for 2009. There’s no denying it’s a sexy little number, and Hyundai is no doubt doing its homework as to its reception in Europe.

While Hyundai may still have some hurdles to get over in terms of the reputation of the old model, it seems the new Genesis Coupe has wiped the slate clean and has been very convincing, at least elsewhere in the world.