lundi 12 octobre 2009

Toyota FT-EV II concept

Beside the FT-86 sports car, Toyota will also be revealing the FT-EV II (Future Toyota Electric Vehicle II) concept at the Tokyo motor show. An electrically-propelled four-seat commuter vehicle for urban use, the sustainable concept car focuses on the relationship between cars, people and the society of the future.

The FT-EV II's mechanicals are wrapped in a compact body, designed in accordance with Toyota's 'Vibrant Clarity' brand design philosophy. A low front cowl and an additional window below the windshield give extra forward visibility, while the rear lamp clusters are see-through LED units to improve visibility from all angles. Measuring 2730mm long, 1680mm wide and 1490mm high, the concept features electric sliding doors to provide access to the retro-futuristic interior.

Conscious of the increasing dissociative relationship younger people have with the motor car, Toyota designers have opted to create a vehicle that integrates communications, transforming the concept into an information device. As such, both the steering wheel and foot pedals - symbols of vehicle performance - are absent, replaced instead by a joystick linked to drive-by-wire technology and instrumentation that can collect and store information specifically tailored to the individual's preferences.

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